Leveraging Evernote: Searching for text within my images

Searching  for Text within and ImageOne of the most powerful features of Evernote is the ability to search an image for a text phrase. It is a feature I use all of the time. Basically, when I conduct a search in Evernote, Evernote will examine images to see if there is a match for my search query.

It does not matter what the orientation of the image is, Evernote does a good job of identifying the matching text. As a result, I take pictures of slides during presentations, business cards, and the books on my bookshelf as well as everything else. If I am looking for the location of a book, I just type in the name of the book, and Evernote will show me a picture of my shelf and the location of the book on that shelf.

Instead of collecting business cards, I use the Hello application and save an image of the card into Evernote. Hello also ties to LinkedIn and allows me to keep notes on an individual. Here is an example, of a search for Smith and the result.

Evernote Search


If your writing is neat enough, Evernote can also find search phrases through handwriting on images. For example, if you have a meeting and write text on the whiteboard or easel, you can simply take a picture and possibly reference it later through a search.

You can restrict your search to notes that only contain images by adding resource:image/* to the search query.

Searching a whiteboard with Evernote

Evernote also allows me to search through scanned PDF documents. These PDF documents can be searchable PDFs or image PDFs. Again, Evernote does a great job of deciphering the text through a search. Adding resource:application/pdf to the query will yield only notes with a PDF.

Searching a PDF in Evernote

Because I can search through text, PDFs, and images, Evernote is my go-to tool for storing reference material that I want to quickly use again. How have you benefited from Evernote’s image search feature?