100+ Books on How to Use Evernote

100+ Books on How to Use Evernote
Since Evernote came out, I have been a user and a huge fan. Over the years, I have read a number of books about how to get the most out of Evernote.

The Pinterest board I have included below contains 100+ books with a 3 or higher rating on Amazon. If you are interested in using Evernote, these books will help you get on the right path. There are books for the absolute beginner to books that show how to use Evernote for writing, business, genealogy, research, productivity, time management, lawyers, pastors, etc.

Additionally, I have begun a Pinterest board on different Evernote tips and ideas.

Finally, for years, I have been collecting articles about Evernote on my Diigo site. Here are the various categories I am working on:

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Book review: Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That

As a huge fan of Evernote, I am always on the search to find out how I can squeeze more out of this great program. That is why I was  pleased to find this book, Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That.: How-To Tips with Pics* by Garth Scaysbrook. He was able to introduce me to new ways of leveraging Evernote that I had not seen before. Well done! Read more

Book Review: How to Use Evernote for Writing & Research

Whenever I see a book on Evernote, I get pretty excited; I am always looking for new ways to leverage this powerful tool. I just recently picked up a book called How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research* by Nancy Hendrickson. In this book. Hendrickson talked about how to leverage Evernote to organize all her research and writing projects. She explained Evernote was her go to online service for collecting everything, and I wholeheartedly agree. Read more

Let IFTTT Pull Together Your Daily Reading List

Let IFTTT Pull Together Your Daily Reading ListLast week, I was listening to an Entrepreneur on Fire episode where the speaker indicated that he use IFTTT to pull everything happening in the world of importance into Slack for his team to use. In this post, I am going to show you how to use IFTTT as a learning tool. We are going to pull together content together from your favorite learning sites into Evernote. You can then review this content in a daily read file. Read more

Book Review: Evernote Mastery – Exactly How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life, Manage Your Day & Get Things Done

“It is now more easier than ever before to save ideas, memories and moments for future reference” (Clydesbank Media, 2014, Introduction). This was in the introduction to Evernote: Mastery – Exactly How To Use Evernote To Organize Your Life, Manage Your Day & Get Things Done* by ClydeBank Media, LLC. Always looking to learn more about Evernote, I took a chance on this book; unfortunately, I was hoping for more. Read more

Connecting the Dots: Putting Evernote Context into Context

Connecting the Dots- Putting EvernoteLast week, I was asked to give my thoughts on the new premium Evernote feature called “Context.” I will have to admit, I had not yet heard about it but after a little investigating, I am excited about what I see. Here are some recent posts to give you an idea about this new feature:

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