What I have learned writing a book

What I have learned writing a bookI know this blog was to be about my learning journey as I recorded my travels to new discoveries. But the blog has taken a backseat to all the learning that I’ve been doing. I promise I will get back to it. Since I started this blog, I have graduated from the University of Wyoming, taken on a new job, traveled across the country and moved into a new home, started a new business, and started writing a book. A lot of learning has happened along the way. Let me take a moment to catch you up on one learning project—the writing of my book, The Power of Reading. Read more

Do you have a library card? Great time to get one

Do you have a library card? Great time to get oneEver since I could remember, I have loved libraries. I love everything about them. I love what they stand for and the services they deliver. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans feel that libraries are providing the resources they need. Yet, there are still a significant number of people who are not aware of all the services that libraries provide. This is a great time to visit your library because it is Library Card Sign Up Month. Here are some of the services available through the Lakewood Memorial Library and the New York Public Library. Read more

How to improve your road trips using an app called Road Trippers

How to improve your road trips using an app called Road Trippers

This summer, Bernadette and I finally had a chance to vacation together. We took a trip to Nashville, TN, in part, to attend a CAP conference. However, a large part of the trip was dedicated to traveling and seeing museums and nature. To plan our trip, we used a program called Roadtrippers. I thought this was a wonderful little program that allowed us to work together as we decided which places we wanted to see. During the trip, it helped us navigate to those places. Roadtrippers also has a collection of travel guides for recommended places to see. Read more

Ethernet connections throughout the house with Netgear 1200 Powerline kit

I am thrilled with my new sets of Netgear Powerline 1200 and Extra Outlet (PLP1200-100PAS)*. For a year, we have been running two computers off of wireless with less than stellar results. With the Netgear Powerline 1200, we jacked up the speed without hardwiring our house. We are now actually pushing internet through our house electrical system. If you are trying to get faster speed to your game controllers, computers, and TVs, then check out this product.  Read more

Back in the Groove with Paper.li

Back in the Groove with Paper.liI have been a huge fan of Paper.li. I really enjoyed having my daily “newspapers” come to me in my email on the topics I was interested in. However, they changed their business model and I no longer received my expected emails. As a result, I started to miss out on my news. I then discovered something. If you are missing your Paper.li news, this may help you. Read more