Book Review: The 2-Hour Guide to Mastering Evernote

The 2-hour guide to mastering EvernoteAlways looking for information on how to better leverage Evernote, I recently picked up Brandon Collins’ book, The 2-Hour Guide to Mastering Evernote*.  While this book certainly covers the basics of Evernote, it is not a basic book. Collins drills down to a deeper level and provides tips and tricks only an experienced user would appreciate.

Collins has broken his book into six chapters, each based on an educational development metaphor, e.g, for wee babes, learning how to walk, welcome to first grade, etc. However, other than used in the title, I do not see how the metaphor is being used. Each of the topics are essential and do not necessarily build upon each other. Collins begins by emphasizing tags, notebooks, and searching in the first chapter. This a great choice because these are the keys to working with Evernote.

In chapter two, he focuses on setting up the right environment to begin capturing, organizing, and retrieving information. Chapter three focuses on sharing and entering content. Chapter four  addresses mobile devices, scanning, emailing, and linking notes. Chapter five, again, looks at searches. This time advanced operands and saved searches are explored. Finally, automated notes, relationship management, and encryption is explored in chapter six.

The book contains countless tips and great ideas for getting the most out of Evernote. I especially liked the diagrams in chapter one that explain the Evernote database concept. Collins included a very useful cheat sheet for search commands and keyboard shortcuts. Finally, I really liked the 99 Uses for Evernote listing. This listing contains great ideas for leveraging Evernote such as managing meetings to shopping for new houses. If you are still on the fence about Evernote, this list will help you become a fan.

Evernote is actually so easy to use, I could easily recommend this book to someone just starting out simply based on the number of great ideas found in it. Once someone starts to use Evernote, they need guidance on best practices; this book provides such guidance.

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