Using Evernote to track education notes

Here are two quick tips I want to share for using Evernote.

Saving program announcements

I just recently finished graduating from the University of Wyoming, and included as part of the graduation was a booklet highlighting all the graduates. I also attended the commissioning ceremony for one of my Civil Air Patrol members. It also had a brochure with the details. Normally, I would collect and later discard these booklets; however, this time, I am going to first scan them to a PDF and save them in Evernote.

Since I use Evernote as a relationship management application, if I ever conduct a search in Evernote or Google for a name included in one of these documents, the document would be listed in my search results. It would be nice to track the results of these successful individuals through the years.

Capturing training notes

I have repeatedly mentioned that I type in all my training notes as I attend workshops, Webinars, and conferences. However, I also have a wealth of notes in binders and notebooks that I have not touched in years. This was brought to my immediate attention when I moved three bookcases over the weekend; it is time for me to lighten the load.

In the very near future, I plan to pick up a Fuji iX500 or s1500 scanner to digitize all my notes that I have accumulated over the years. This idea was inspired by The Nerdy Teacher‘s article, Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Desktop Scanner #Evernote and the weight of heavy binders. Aside from a lighter load, the greatest benefit will be able to find notes as I do a search in Evernote or Google. Evernote has the ability to even search through written notes. Note: this depends on the clarity of the writing.