Mastering the CPLP

Book Review: Mastering the CPLP

Yesterday, Trish Uhl, a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) coach, released her new book Mastering the CPLP: How to Successfully Prepare for – and Pass! – the CPLP Knowledge Exam*. With the CPLP exam as another milestone in my career, I have been looking for tips and guidance to help me successfully complete the exam. This book did not disappoint.

The CPLP certification is in the words of the American Society for Training and Development, “The ASTD Certification Institute built the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential to provide a way for workplace learning and performance professionals to prove their value to employers and to be confident about their knowledge of the field.”

Trish Uhl is the owner of Owl’s Ledge, a company dedicated to helping others negotiate the CPLP exam. She has been assisting others with the exam since 2005, and it is reflected in this book. One of the strengths of the book is how she incorporated the lessons learned from countless CPLP exam takers. These insights cover everything from exam preparation and study tips to actual tips for the day of the test.

Mastering the CPLP is covered in seven chapters, an introduction, and conclusion. The chapters cover essential topics from understanding the CPLP exam to actually taking the exam. In between, Uhl covers important areas of focus such as determining what you need to study, where to find resources, and how to develop a solid study method.

Each chapter begins with key actions that the exam taker will need to focus on. Uhl then provides sufficient detail to cover each area. Throughout each chapter, she provides relevant URLs and QR codes to external resources. Each chapter also has tips, pointers, and keys to mastery. The pointers are typically provided by past CPLP exam takers and provide great insight to the exam. Uhl concludes each chapter with a checklist of items the exam taker needs to accomplish.

Uhl has put together a wealth of valuable information into this book. It will be a book that I will refer to often as I prepare for my CPLP exam.

As an instructional technologist for the University of Wyoming Extension, I personally think that all Extension educators should become CPLP certified. I think it would continue to improve our service to our nation.

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