Connecting the Dots: Putting Evernote Context into Context

Last week, I was asked to give my thoughts on the new premium Evernote feature called “Context.” I will have to admit, I had not yet heard about it but after a little investigating, I am excited about what I see. Here are some recent posts to give you an idea about this new feature:

From what I understand as I write this (feature not yet released), when you start typing a note, Evernote will begin offering related content within the Evernote app. This content can be drawn from your previous notes, notes from business partners, from LinkedIn contacts, and other news sources.

I believe this will help curate content from sources you already rely upon, as well as prevent you from reinventing something someone else has already created.

In some ways, I have already been benefiting from contextual searches incorporating Evernote. I have set up my Chrome browser to integrate my Evernote into my Google search using the Web Clipper extension. As a result, when I conduct a search on Google, it will also display search results from my Evernote account on the same window. Here is an example:

Google search with Evernote results

Additionally, Evernote offers suggestions as I put together a search query. As IĀ start typing a word, the Evernote search will begin to offer different search options.

Evernote search ideas

Personally, I am excited about how I can pull together content into new meaningful ideas. I believe it will be an extremely powerful tool for teams who work together on Evernote. I look forward to experimenting with it.

What are your thoughts?