Ok Google, save this message to Evernote

Ok Google, save this message to Evernote

Have you ever been busy with another task but want to still save a message to Evernote? This often happens when I am driving. A thought jumps in my head and I want to capture it. Evernote is my tool of choice when I need to jot down a note and I do not have my bullet journal at hand. Here is hack using Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Evernote.

When I normally save an Evernote entry, I will activate the audio file element on the Evernote widget on my Android phone. This requires that put my hands on my phone. It is not the best option when driving. Additionally, it captures an audio file that I have to later listen to and transcribe. This can be reduced to one step.

Introducing IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a tool that will connect two different application. In this case, I am combining Google Assistant with Evernote so that I can send a text message to Evernote.

I was fortunate to find an applet created by Jamison Ross. The applet is called Create a note in Evernote using Google Assistant.

All you need to do is give permission for IFTTT to access Google Assistant and Evernote. Then activate the IFTTT applet.

You can also create an applet to save a message to Evernote using your iOS device with Siri. Here is an applet to make that happen:

Send Message to Evernote

To use the applet, you need to have Google Assistant running in the background of your phone. Google Assistant can be activated saying “Ok, Google.” The message you will actually say to send a text message to Evernote is

“Ok Google, tell Evernote ______”

Your message will be sent to Evernote.

For me, this has improved my use of Evernote. Let me know if you also find it useful.

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