Book Review: A Mom’s Guide to Evernote

Book Review: A Mom’s Guide to Evernote

Ok, I don’t necessarily qualify as a mom, but I really enjoyed this book that I found listed in Alexandra Samuel’s, Work Smarter with Evernote*. A Mom’s Guide to Evernote* written by Lauren Rothlisberger is a great little book on Evernote that takes a look from a different perspective. Rothlisberger is a military spouse who is used to moving on a regular basis. She discovered the power of Evernote as she tried to become better organized and ended up becoming a better mom.

The book weighs in at 32 pages, but it cuts to the point better than most books on the topic. Rothlisberger’s book has three core sections: what is Evernote and why should you use it?, how to use Evernote, and templates for content notebooks.

As Rothlisberger points out, this is not an A to Z guide on Evernote. However, in 10 pages, she gets you set up, teaches you how to enter notes, and gets you on your way to creating an effective notebook structure. She does not waste words, making this an effective guide.

One of the most powerful pieces of the book is the template structure she provides for tracking important documents. Rothlisberger provides a detailed layout of notebooks for tracking everything about your family. Evernote can be a great tool for storing copies of important documents that may be lost or damaged due to moves, fires, floods, theft, etc. With Evernote, you can have important documents at your fingertips when you needs them most rather than having unnecessary trips back to the house.

Instead of looking at Evernote from a professional work related viewpoint, Rothlisberger looks at Evernote as a way to better family life. Great job!

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