Book Review: Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That

Book review: Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That

As a huge fan of Evernote, I am always on the search to find out how I can squeeze more out of this great program. That is why I was  pleased to find this book, Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That.: How-To Tips with Pics* by Garth Scaysbrook. He was able to introduce me to new ways of leveraging Evernote that I had not seen before. Well done!

I picked this up as a Kindle book. This book has six chapters and is supported with rich imagery. If you were to outline the topic of Evernote, you would develop a structure similar to Scaysbrook. Here is what he used as a book structure:

  • Chapter 1: Capture
  • Chapter 2: Notebooks, Tags, and Notes
  • Chapter 3: Search
  • Chapter 4: Share
  • Chapter 5: Add-ons
  • Chapter 6: Extra

At the end of the book, Scaysbrook offered a number of book recommendations. Having read a number of these books, I can say he shared quite a good collection. He also included links to key Evernote sites to include Evernote’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook feeds.

Scaysbrook explained how to use many of the frequently used tools and techniques such as Web Clipper and reminders. He also introduced me to some new ideas, such as how to use Evernote to capture screenshots. For me, Scaysbrook provided new insight on how to use reminders, especially from email. I do not normally use the Web Clipper to save my Gmail to Evernote, because of what he wrote I think I will begin to do so. There was also a nice hack to export Google Contacts to Evernote.

As Scaysbrook provided information on how to organize Evernote notes, he included information about how to recover from merging notes. It was the first time I had seen these instructions. I also never used note history, it was nice to see instructions about this feature.

This book contained one of the better search sections I had seen. Scaysbrook provided useful information for finding images, checklists, reminders, and many other search types.

Scaysbrook included a section with a number of wonderful add-ons; unfortunately, many of the add-ons are now no longer supported. Amazing how fast things change in such a short period of time.

In the Extras chapter, he shared wonderful ideas such as blogging with, saving tweets with IFTTT and Zapier, saving Facebook posts, posting to WordPress, and signing documents. There was also an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts. I need to print this out.

I thought I was well versed in Evernote, I see that I was wrong. This book provided me with a lot of great ways to get more out of Evernote. I hope you will find it as useful.

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