Managing your Research with Evernote for Windows

Book Review: Managing your Research with Evernote for Windows

Always looking for information to better leverage Evernote, I thought this book, a marriage between Evernote and research would be a great find. While it does a great job talking about the basics of Evernote, I believe it fell short of the promise of talking about how to manage academic research with Evernote. At least, I believe Catherine Pope could have provided more than she did.

Managing Your Research with Evernote for Windows* is an ebook. I downloaded my copy to Kindle. It is a short book, and I was able to read it within an hour. It is logically organized and spans 15 chapters.

Pope begins by introducing Evernote. She notes that Evernote is a powerful tool for research, and I would have to wholeheartedly agree. Pope then discusses how to download Evernote and other tools such as the Web Clipper to benefit from all of its capabilities. She introduces essential terms necessary to use Evernote.

Over the rest of the chapters, Pope covers the essentials of Evernote; how to add content, how to organize the content, searching for content, sharing content, syncing content across multiple devices, using mobile devices, etc.

As I noted, she did a great job covering these topics; however, this would have been a gem of a book if she went into more detail providing guidance on leveraging Evernote for academic research. Otherwise, this is just another book on how to use Evernote.

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  1. That’s a shame, as this does look like a great topic for a book. Would love more info on organizing genealogy notes with Evernote. Nice job, Stan.

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