Book Review: Getting things done the David Allen way with Evernote: A beginner’s guidebook on how to master GTD with Evernote

I just finished reading Master Getting Things Done the David Allen Way with Evernote* by David Donaldson and Joe Allen. This book was a very quick read at only 42 pages. Having read a number of books on Evernote and the Getting Things Done (GTD) system, I am not sure if this was worth the money; however, the book was honest in that it did provide a basic orientation of how to use Evernote to manage your GTD system.

I am fan of the Getting Things Done system, although, I still need a lot more work  to become more disciplined to the system. Thus the reason I bought the book. I was hoping to find another gem to help me better manage the system. I am also a huge fan of Evernote. For me, I think Evernote is the key to mastering the GTD system.

Donaldson and Allen cover the topic in six chapters. Chapter 1 focuses on an introduction to the topic. It explains what I have mentioned that GTD is powerful but takes some understanding to wield it effectively. Chapter 2 outlines the GTD workflow. It included a great image of the workflow, and I now have it hanging in my office. Now, I need one for my home office. Here is that image and a link to your own.

In chapter 3, the authors discussed how to collect information. They noted all the different methods that Evernote provides but they also tied it to the GTD system. Chapter 4 focused on organizing the information, and provided ideas for tagging as well as suggesting notebooks to use. This chapter also looked at delegating tasks, using calendar tasks, and next actions tasks. Chapter 5 addressed reviewing tasks. Suggestions were provided for how to leverage tagging and notebooks as well as how often to conduct a review. It was a basic overview. Finally, chapter 6 summed up what was presented.

The book provided a beginners look at the GTD system using Evernote. I was able to pull a couple a couple of ideas and resources from the book; however, other books have addressed this topic in much more detail. This will not be the first book I reference when I need to brush up on the topic.

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