Book Review – Evernote: 31 Steps to Become a Evernote Pro

Here is another short book on how to use Evernote. Always looking for better ways to use Evernote, I usually will take a risk on Evernote books. In his book, Evernote: 31 Steps to Become a Evernote Pro: How to Use the Amazing Evernote to Remember Everything, Accomplish Any Goal, Become a Master and Achieve More *, Philip Vang briefly outlined the necessary steps to become an Evernote “pro.” I do not necessarily believe you will become a pro, but there is a lot of good tips in this book; especially if you are new to Evernote.

This book was 80 pages long and divided into 38 chapters. Each of the 31 steps was a chapter, additionally, Vang included introductions, conclusions,  and previews of three other 31 step books. Each of the chapters was no longer than four paragraphs. Nonetheless, I was able to extract some new ideas.

Vang included important topics such as installing Evernote on all your devices and using the Evernote email account to help populate your notebooks. He also provided ideas for using reminders and writing papers based on data collection in Evernote.

Not many Evernote books talk about using templates, this was a nice find in Vang’s book. Templates can be a huge time saver and add to your productivity. To also add to productivity, he discussed how to link notes together. I have found this to be a really important technique.

Vang briefly discussed how to use Evernote to write a book. Actually, he indicated that you could use Evernote to write a book and provided a brief strategy.

One thing I was not aware of was Evernote‘s multi-shot capability. Vang referenced the capability to record videos, but I was not able to find it. While discussing photos, he also addressed special documents that Evernote uses such as the Moleskine notebook, documents, and Post-it Notes. Each has special Evernote features.

As expected, Vang spoke about the OCR capability in Evernote for documents, images, and handwritten notes. One of the features I personally use a lot is recording audio notes.

Vang talked about using Evernote for capturing travel adventures and also provided details on the geo-tagging capabilities of Evernote.

Throughout the book, Vang alternated between specific capabilities of Evernote with ideas for how to use Evernote. For example, he discussed the ability to capture financial and medical records in separate steps and then discussed the encryption of important information.

Vang shared ideas for working in a team setting and displaying information at a meeting in the presentation mode. Another thing I was not aware of was Evernote‘s versioning feature. Finally, he ends the book with a list of applications to synchronize with Evernote.

If you are trying to figure out what Evernote can do and some ideas why you would want to use this program, then I would recommend Evernote: 31 Steps to Become a Evernote Pro: How to Use the Amazing Evernote to Remember Everything, Accomplish Any Goal, Become a Master and Achieve More. I am not sure experienced users will gain a lot from this book.  However, I, personally, found it to be well written with useful ideas.

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