Book Review: The YouTube Marketing Book

A number of podcasts I listen to featured James Wedmore talk about better marketing through YouTube. Because of these discussions, I was interested in learning more so I was happy to find his book, The YouTube Marketing Book*. Wedmore has managed to develop a rather lucrative business creating, distributing, and marketing YouTube videos. Because I want to better help small business owners use social media to include video, I had to find out more.  While this was not the best book I had read on producing videos, this book did provide a lot good information about marketing YouTube videos and I recommend it to others.

Wedmore’s book is 62 pages long and broken up into 21 sections. It is part book and part infomercial. In many parts of the book, he included links to examples illustrating concepts he described. Unfortunately, some of the links no longer work. This often happens when linking to web-based content.

Throughout the book, Wedmore makes you feel that you to could create money making videos. Towards the beginning, he outlined 11 steps for creating great videos. Although the steps lacks in technical details, it does provide you with a checklist to refer to while developing videos.

Wedmore believes it is important to get to the point and remove as much unnecessary material as possible when making a video. This may result in more videos… thus more opportunities. “I believe the more cuts the better.” (Wedmore, 2012, Section: Editing). This is something I need to do more of when I create videos.

Wedmore also offered solutions for different problems. Additionally, he advocated hiring out the work that you could not or did not want to do.

To increase engagement, Wedmore advised talking to only one person and using more “I”, “you”, and “us” as you speak. Here is one of the videos he included in his book on engagement.

Other topics Wedmore wrote about included standing out from the crowd, handling fear of being in front of a camera, finding resources like B-roll and music to use in your videos, etc.

In the “3 Essential Elements Your Video Must Have” section, Wedmore pointed out you need to include an intro, a good title, and a call-to-action. He also provided some basic suggestions for finding titles that would grab attention. These are based on doing research on topics already succeeding and keyword searches.

One of the tips I latched upon was keeping audio and video tracks separate. During some recent demonstrations, I have been separating the tracks. I am immediately seeing the benefits.

Wedmore also outlined a strategy for video production. In this section, he talked about idea building, batch filming, and batch producing.

While the book could have been much more, it did provide me with some ideas to use at work, in my volunteer work, and in my consulting business. I was not disappointed and I do believe others will gain something from reading The YouTube Marketing Book.

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