Book Review – Evernote: 12 Important GTD Evernote Lessons On How To Use Evernote For Getting Things Done

According to Amazon, this book is 39 pages long, broken into 4 chapters. The first chapter focuses on setting up Evernote and basic organization of notes, tags, and notebooks. The second chapter lists uses for Evernote. Again, this was handled very superficially. So much more could have gone into this section. Holmes provided ideas for the following topics elementary teachers, English/history, math class, art class, coordinate projects, provide audio instructions, facilitate reaction, simplify communication, collaborate at work, gift ideas, and a grocery list. The ideas seemed to be all over the map without any organization. The third chapter addressed tips for Evernote. Holmes again discussed notes, tags, and notebooks; however, he did add information on different types of notes. There were no images in the book, which could have helped with explaining some of the steps he outlined. Finally, in chapter four, Holmes provided a list of shortcuts. He actually listed all the keyboard shortcuts. The list of keyboard shortcuts was over 17% of the book.

I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing a book. While I am not necessarily looking for the next bestseller, I do expect some level of quality. I am disappointed when a book is thrown together simply for the sale. For that reason, I could not in good conscious recommend this book to others. There are many other better books on the topic.

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