How to share files with others without creating Dropbox accounts

For a recent class, I had a need to share files with my classmates and I thought Dropbox was the perfect tool. I was going to create a folder and share it out to my classmates, however, not all of my classmates wanted to create an account.  As a result, I opted for the public folder.

By placing the files in the public folder, my classmates did not need to create an account but they still could access the files. Here are some detailed procedures for accomplishing this task: How do I link to files in my Dropbox?

As I researched this topic further, I discovered there is a way for a user to click on the link and have it download rather than automatically open. Check out Make Dropbox Public Links Download Files Instead of Viewing Them In-Browser for more information.

3 thoughts on “How to share files with others without creating Dropbox accounts”

  1. Stan,

    Do you know if Dropbox or other services will let your group upload to a public or group type folder without them having to log in? I’m looking for this kind of functionality for a group of mind, and with the fall of, I’ve been pressed to find an alternative. Thanks for your thoughts.

      1. Stan,

        Thank you for your help. The first example doesn’t look like it would quite suit my needs. I’m seeking an account where I can send a group email to ~100 people and have all participants send files they may like to share to one account without requiring a password. In the first example, it sounds like I would have to send a link to every participant separately, and they would only be able to add one file per that request.

        The second example, if I understand it correctly, may work. I could ‘trustingly’ give them the account email address to send their files to and hope for the best?!

        Many thanks for your help!

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