Remote printing with Dropbox

A while back, I read that it was possible to remote print through Dropbox. Well, I just tried it and it works great! This now allows me to send documents to my printer from anywhere.

I will share the two articles that helped me get this set up. This process is extremely easy to use, you simply drop a file into your dropbox subfolder, and it will automatically print to the printer set up for such actions. Once the file prints, it will automatically move to a print log folder. Here is what you need:

  • Computer with a printer attached (either local or networked)
  • Dropbox installed
  • eprint.vbs file loaded into your startup folder.

You will first have to download the eprint.vbs file, and run it. This file will create a folder in your Dropbox called PrintQueue. Once you have run the eprint.vbs file, move it to your startup folder so that it will automatically start the process when you reboot your computer.

Now when you drop a document into the PrintQueue folder, it will automatically print. I recommend that you copy a file into the folder rather than using an original document so that you can maintain your file structure.

Here are the two documents that helped me get set up:

Digital Inspiration has also put together procedures for Mac users. Here you go: How to Print Files on a Remote Mac via Dropbox

Since I regularly use three computers (work, home, and laptop) as well as an iPad and an Android phone, this will be a great help.

Let me know if this has been useful to you.

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