Setting up a couple of Dropbox folders to do your bidding

GearsI just wanted to put a shout out for the two new features I incorporated on my Dropbox: automatic printing and automatic upload to Evernote. In other blog posts, I talked about these upgrades to my operations. In this post, I want to let you know how great it has been.

A couple of weeks back, I set up remote printing with Dropbox. Basically, I created a folder in Dropbox called print queue and installed a script to check this folder for new updates and print them. It has worked like a champ. By simply copying documents to this folder, they are waiting for me on my printer when I get home. This has been especially useful when I am on the road, and I need to print something for my wife. All she has to do is pick it up off the printer. I also use it when I am doing research for my dissertation. I drop a journal article in the folder, and it is ready for my review when I get home.

If you were working on a team or through a central office, you could set up a shared Dropbox folder just for printing. When you dropped something in the folder, it would print at the office computer that was set up to run the script.

The other feature I installed was the capability to send documents to Evernote. When I drop a file into this folder, it is automatically uploaded to Evernote where I can squirrel it away. These are typically for files I want to be able to do referral to on a regular basis.  Here are the steps for connecting your Dropbox folder to Evernote:

  1. Create a folder in Dropbox. I personally call mine, Evernote.
  2. In Evernote, access the Tools menu and then click on Import Folders.
  3. Add the folder that you wish to watch, and decide upon the setting. I personally delete the files once they have been uploaded.

While working my way to a “Zero Inbox,” I uploaded 40 PDF documents with no problems. If I had to do this one file at a time, it would have taken a lot more time and effort. This was time I could devote to other tasks.

Right now I am exploring the Wappwolf Dropbox Automator. This will allow you to do the following:

  • Convert document to PDF
  • Convert PDF to TXT
  • Upload document to Google Drive
  • Print via Google Cloud Print
  • Send document to Kindle
  • Upload document to Slideshare
  • Electronically sign PDF
  • Convert document to ebook.

I am excited about the possibilities. How are you using Dropbox for more efficiency?