How to scan docs as a PDF to Dropbox or Evernote with your Smartphone

Earlier today, I encountered a problem, and my smartphone (Android) came to the rescue. I needed to send out an application but I failed to scan it and file it before I left home. As I mentioned, my smartphone helped me solve this problem.

Basically, I used Handy Scanner to scan the application to a PDF document. Handy Scanner is a free application that converts documents to PDF. Handy Scanner allows you to scan multiple pages to a single document. With this application, you can also scan documents to a JPEG files.

Once I finished scanning the document, I then sent it to Dropbox. To send the document to DropBox, I use Andmade Share Pro. Andmade Share Pro allows you to send a document to multiple applications at the same time. I have personally been very pleased with this program. In Dropbox, I was able to select the exact folder where I wished to place the file.

The simple fact I could do this without going back to my home scanner saved me a considerable amount of time. The convenience of being able to do this anywhere has made my life easier.

I would like to add that if you send the PDF to Evernote, you will be able to search the text of the PDF. Evernote does a fantastic job of making text searchable on images and PDFs. Imagine going to the library for research and taking PDF scans of books and articles with the ability to search through them at a later date.

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