Waze helped me get all this way

WazeIt has been a rather stressful week  as I moved from Wyoming to New York. It involved packing a truck, driving across the country, putting everything in storage, moving into my office and my apartment, and getting the lay of the land. One program helped relieve some of the stress—Waze.

Waze is a program where other drivers share traffic info. For example, thanks to other drivers, I was alerted to road construction, broken down vehicles, and even police. An audible alert gave me advanced warning of hazards. As I was passing by, I could confirm or deny the hazard. The map constantly changed based on user input.

Waze is a mobile app available for iPhones and Androids. Waze has a social element to it as you can connect to friends and family if you so desire. I use Waze to let Bernadette know where I was on my travels. We have had issues with it disconnecting, we are not sure why we are having this problem.

Waze also uses various game elements such as points, achievements, levels, and leader boards. You earn points for various tasks such as reporting hazards, reporting gas prices, and editing the map.

Because I was aware of hazards ahead, I seemed to be more accepting of the fact, thus my overall mood was better. It was nice to receive a shout out from a stranger when they recognized a hazard I reported. I have another significant trip in my near future; I will definitely be using Waze.

Anyone using Waze? What do you think of it?