Movin’, Movin’, Movin’ – So Much to Do

Movin’, Movin’, Movin’ – So Much to Do

Well, I am down to my last hour working for the University of Wyoming Extension. I am on my way to Jamestown, NY. In preparation for the move, I have been focusing on making the transition as smooth as possible. Even though I have moved a number of times in the past, it is always a chore. However, technology has made this move a little easier while at the same time created more things to do.

Changing email subscriptions

I never really realized how many subscriptions were tied to my work address. For the past week, I have been methodically moving subscriptions to my new work address, my personal address, or deleting them. It has taken a week because subscriptions come in at different times, and I am sure I missed some of them. Fortunately, my new work provided me with an email address before I arrived or it would have been more of a hassle.

Saving files

Dropbox has made life so easy for me. Yesterday, I saved all of my files to Dropbox. The premium account is worth every cent. I remember when I left my last employer… pre-Dropbox. I spent days saving files to CD-ROM, and before that to 3.5-inch floppies. Now, in a couple of hours, I had a backup of all essential files.

Listing programs

Based on a recommendation, I downloaded CCleaner to my computer and I was able to save a listing of all programs on my computer. This will be useful when I want to reinstall programs essential to my work. I saved the report to Dropbox.

Saving away email

University of Wyoming uses email. Previously, I wrote about archiving email to PST files. Yesterday, I saved all my incoming and outgoing messages to PST files. I was able to easily copy the PST files to Dropbox for later retrieval. As I noted before, there have been instances when I had to search through previous messages.

Archiving software keys

As I was trying to figure out how to get a list of programs installed on my computer, I learned about LicenseCrawler. It allows me to archive keys to software that I purchased. This along with messages I have saved in Evernote should keep me from spending more money as I get my favorite tools reloaded.

Social media

Finally, there were a number of social media accounts created for work that had to be transferred to UW Extension. As a result, I had to create new instances of IFTTT as well as transfer some Twitter accounts. All the passwords were saved to our KeePass account.

My office is cleaned out, and with the publishing of this post, I am done working for UW Extension. It has been a wonderful experience, but it is time again to shake the snowglobe. If you were taking on a new job, what tasks would you do to move your digital files?

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  1. I used Google Drive in much the same way you used Dropbox. My last move was easy because I was retiring and I decided I didn’t care about my old email. I haven’t missed any of that old mail. 🙂

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