Settling in to SUNY JCC

Welcome basket
Welcome basket

Over the past week, I have been moving from Laramie, Wyoming and settling in to Jamestown, New York. Anytime you have a life changing event, there is a lot of anxiety. This move has not been any different. Some new stresses as Bernadette and I figure out how to go from one house to another with three dogs. But I have to say, SUNY JCC (Jamestown Community College) has been very welcoming! 

New email address

Prior to my arrival, I asked for and was give an email address. This was a huge gift because I had to transfer subscriptions from one work account to the new one. You can learn more about this in a previous post.

Onboarding paperwork

Human resources also provided me with access to the new hire packet. This packet is actually a site where all the HR forms can be completed online. During my free time, I have been able to complete all necessary forms in a relaxed environment. These forms include direct deposit enrollment, health insurance, vehicle passes, and others. Prior to beginning work, I have already inprocessed through HR.

Online training

SUNY JCC also has a number of training courses that employees are required to complete to include active shooter response, sexual harassment, and anti-bullying to name a few. Again, in a relaxed environment, I was able to complete these required courses. When I start work on Monday, I can focus on my job rather than attend to other distractions.

HR welcome

When I moved into my office, I was pleasantly surprised by a wonderful welcome basket provided by SUNY JCC. In addition, my new team members gave me a card with a gift card for the local Tim Hortons. It certainly put a smile on my face.

While it has been tough to leave the University of Wyoming Extension, SUNY JCC has made my transition quite comfortable, so far. They certainly sets the right tone. As I get settled in, I will let you know more about this new role and place.

When you started a new job, did the company do something special that stood out to you?

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