Reflecting on the status of Tubarks for 2013


All in all, I am pretty satisfied with what I have shared in this blog. Based on the Wordle above, my focus seemed to be about learning, Evernote, Twitter, and presentations. This seems to make a lot of sense because I am very interested in learning; Evernote and Twitter are two primary tools I used to do so. Additionally, I sat in a number of presentations.

I am a little disappointed that viewership was similar to last year; however, I am primarily to blame because I have not been consistent in my posts. This is something I need to work on.  I was consistent with posting to each month’s Geeks and Speaks, a collection of articles I had gathered in my Diigo. I was also consistent posting a list of articles I found to be interesting each month. I usually collect these articles in Google+ and others in Diigo. They often do not meet my criteria for Geeks and Speaks.

In September, I started to experiment with Diigo and began to automatically post selected bookmarked articles weekly. These were articles, tools, or techniques that I believe worth sharing earlier than the end of the month. So far only 11 posts have appeared on this blog.

In a previous post, I listed all the book reviews that I wrote. This was one of the mainstays of this blog. However, I also wrote a number of articles relating to different conferences and workshops that I attended. In April, I attended the WYTECC conference in Rock Springs; in May, I was in Dallas for the ASTD Conference; in June, I was in Indianapolis for the ACE-NETC conference; and finally, in September, I attended the Evolution conference at the University of Wyoming.

This year, I also participated in Jane Hart’s challenge to use new tools in 2013. I was able to contribute 10 posts to this challenge. Here are the tools I explored:

  • Zotpad
  • Pomodairo
  • SnapScan
  • Feedly
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Diigo
  • Kustomnote
  • Ask an Expert
  • Handy Scanner
  • Sizer

Otherwise, I reviewed the 2013 Horizon report, built three new learning guides, learned how to use Evernote for better note taking during Webinars and conferences, told a story about my hometown using Google Maps, and helped others get more out of their tools.

For me, this blog has been a great way to reflect on what I have learned. It provides me with a useful physical memory as it grows. It also is a vehicle to share what I have learned with others. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. For me, the trip is about the learning.