Taking my Webinar watching to the next level

Work Smarter with Evernote
Work Smarter with Evernote

I just finished watching a great Webinar by Joshua Zerkel called “Work Smarter with Evernote.” Naturally, I was taking notes on the side with Evernote… my only note taking tool. Having two computer screens makes note taking a lot easier; productivity increases with a second monitor.

During this session, I tried something that I had not previously tried during a Webinar —screen capture. While Zerkel was explaining different principles, I use Jing to capture a specific screen. I then immediately pasted the screenshot at the appropriate place in my notes and continued with my written notes. During the presentation, Zerkel demonstrated capturing a screenshot of a Web page with Skitch for additional mark-up. I believe this can also be a way of doing Webinar screencaptures. Either way makes note taking much easier.

Here are the notes I took for the “Work Smarter with Evernote” Webinar. Again, this was a great presentation, I will send out a link to the recording. It is worth watching.

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  1. Evernote is the best resource available for both note taking and sourcing. Browser plugins make it easy to save any web content, with the source URL. Evernote desktop is awesome for taking notes on webinars, and also for scanning documents and pictures directly into Evernote. The mobile app lets you take notes, record images of anything you see, record audio notes, and much more! And all of it is carefully indexed and backed-up to the cloud. Plus Evernote is free, with a paid option available for serious users. Because of all these features, Evernote is a perfect app for genealogy!

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