Kustomnote now has mobile apps – Another Evernote power tool

Kustomnote Mobile App
Kustomnote Mobile App

Kustomnote has just gotten better with the release of its mobile apps. I have just personally placed Kustomnote on my Android phone and iPad.

When I first started using Kustomnote, it was only Web-based. At that time, I liked the potential of Kustomnote but the lack of mobile apps held it back. I did not like having to open a Web browser to use this great product. I will be using Kustomnote a lot more because of the mobile apps.

What is Kustomnote? As Evernote describes it, “KustomNote lets you create templates for your notes. You can browse public note templates or create your own, using simple fill-in forms with SmartFields. Create beautifully styled notes inside your Evernote account.”

Basically, it allows you to capture an Evernote note in a consistent format. I have created three templates for Civil Air Patrol use and one template for work. These templates prompt me for key information, and subsequently saves the note in Evernote with preloaded tags and into the notebook I desire. Here are the templates I have created:

With Kustomnote, you can use and modify a public template; there are thousands of templates created. You also have the ability to create your own template.

If you have to capture information in a standardized manner, you may want to consider Kustomnote.

This is another tool review that is part of Jane Hart’s 10 Tool Challenge.

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