How to improve your road trips using an app called Road Trippers

How to improve your road trips using an app called Road Trippers

This summer, Bernadette and I finally had a chance to vacation together. We took a trip to Nashville, TN, in part, to attend a CAP conference. However, a large part of the trip was dedicated to traveling and seeing museums and nature. To plan our trip, we used a program called Roadtrippers. I thought this was a wonderful little program that allowed us to work together as we decided which places we wanted to see. During the trip, it helped us navigate to those places. Roadtrippers also has a collection of travel guides for recommended places to see. Read more

Accessing Zotero from an iPad? It’s now possible.


As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of Zotero. I announced when they created access from browsers other than FireFox, and I also announced when they created a standalone client for the desktop. Well, there is now an iPad app that allows you to access Zotero, it is called ZotPad. From a preliminary assessment of the application, I already like it. Read more

Emailing to Diigo – my new best friend

I often review articles using my iPad. If I want to keep an article, I try to save it in Diigo. However, I am not happy with iPad tools used for saving to Diigo. I would like to introduce you to my new friend.

Save links and notes to Diigo by email.

Now when I find a great article, I can email it to my Diigo account. This will save me time and energy as I collect worthwhile links.

Finding your Diigo Email address

  1. Go to, ensure that you are logged in.
  2. Click on the Save by Email link.
  3. Add your Diigo email address as a contact to all your email programs.

Sending links to Diigo

The Diigo instructions explain that you can tag an entry by including tags to the end of your subject in this format:

Title of bookmark/note #Tag1 #Tag2

It is important to note that if the first line is a URL, then it will be saved as a bookmark. The rest of the email content will be saved as description.
If the first line is not a URL, it will be saved as a note.