Growing up in Tunkhannock, PA – a Google Map Story

This post is a combination of two different ideas. Presently, I am taking a course on Google Maps and Google Earth. It has been an enjoyable course and I am learning quite a bit. Part of the course is a requirement to create a Google map that could tell a story. Additionally, I watched a video about a guy using Google street views to talk about his childhood, and I thought it was a great idea. I will also be using Google maps to talk a little about the places I lived in Tunkhannock, PA.

Here is my story

For twelve years, from age 5 to 17, I lived in Tunkhannock, PA. During that time, my family and I lived in four different houses, and each had its unique adventures. Very briefly, I would like to tell you about those houses and neighborhoods.

The first house was at 55 Putnam Street. From there, we moved to the country, specifically, Eatonville. Here is a video with more details:

After a year in Eatonville, we moved back into town. This time, we lived at 55 Elk Street. It was a great place to live. We were always outside and busy with the neighbor kids. I lived there until high school.

From Elk Street, we moved back into the country. Sad to leave friends behind in the big city, but we had new adventures in this old house.

In my opinion, Tunkhannock was a great place to grow up. I am particularly glad to grow up in the times that I did.

This was an opportunity to learn more about Google maps for a course. At the same time, it is an opportunity to learn a little more about me. I would like to thank the people I mentioned in the videos for the great memories.

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  1. Really neat, Stan. I didn’t know you lived in those different places, especially in town. We were so fortunate to grow up in such a nice place, weren’t we? Thanks for sharing!

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