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Ask an Expert
Ask an Expert

The University of Wyoming Extension has put its support behind the Ask an Expert initiative. Milton Geiger and I are the current University of Wyoming Extension team leaders for this project. In the early fall of 2012, Geiger and I with the support of our director, Glen Whipple decided to more actively support the overall initiative, and Ask an Expert is only one of many projects.

Basically, the Ask an Expert program collects questions from citizens across the nation and Extension educators and specialists answer them. It is another way for citizens to improve their quality of life and learn from dedicated experts.

In the case of the University of Wyoming Extension, we encourage Wyoming residents to fill out our form, which sends questions directly to Wyoming Extension educators and specialists. Our goal is to have an answer back in two business days.

Since we launched our Ask an Expert widget in November 2012, we have answered 80 questions over a myriad of topics. Topics include canning, habitat specific plant choices, animal control, food handling regulations, gardening concerns, pest control, energy concerns, and many others.

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