Book Review: Google+ Pro Tips – How to Bring Your Audience to Google+

Book Review: Google+ Pro Tips – How to Bring Your Audience to Google+

How to Bring Your Audience to Google+The is the last post on an informative series focusing on leveraging Google+ written by Stephan Hovnanian. This book, Google+ Pro Tips – How to Bring Your Audience to Google+*, addresses building your Google+ audience and actually provides strategies you need to take external to Google+.

As with all books in this series, this book is a quick read, but provides a lot of useful tips. Hovnanian shares his knowledge across 5 chapters, and like the rest of the series, he brings a business slant to the discussion.

Here are the topics in this book:

  • How Do I Make My Google+ Page Worth Following?
  • Add Follow Badges to Your Website
  • Marketing Your Google+ Posts
  • Google+ Pinterest
  • Embedding Google+ Posts into Web Pages

Hovnanian began his discussion of how to make Google+ pages worth following by listing the benefits of Google+ and providing ideas for leveraging those benefits such as providing quality content, including links and images, formatting text, and effectively using circles.

As mentioned previously, Hovnanian offered strategies for getting Google+ noticed externally. One strategy is to provide page and profile badges on external Websites. He provides a link to a site where you can create a badge.

“One of the greatest assets on Google+ is that every Google+ post is a web page, publicly visible to all readers without their having to be logged in to Google+” (Hovnanian, 2014, Chap. 3, para. 1). This means you can share the url of the page in other communication media such as email messages, social media, etc. He explained how to copy the url, something I was not clear on. Hovnanian also provided guidance for when to post publicly and when to uses circles, users, and private posts. He explained why you cannot post to public and communities at the same time. Throughout this chapter, he provided ideas for sharing posts, images, events, etc.

Perhaps the best chapter of this book (they are all very useful) is the one on leveraging Google+ with Pinterest. Hovnanian outlined step-by-step instructions for how to weave the two together. Additionally, he provided a number of ideas for making this relationship. “You should always be thinking of ways to incorporate Pinterest into your Google+ content strategy” (Hovnanian, 2014, Chap. 4, para. 14).

“You should always be thinking of ways to incorporate Pinterest into your Google+ content strategy”

Finally, Hovnanian provided reasons why you should share Google+ urls in Web pages as well as outlined the step-by-step process for doing so. He also provided nine ideas for sharing urls from curation to reviews.

As with the other books in this series, Hovnanian shared 6 action items to help implement what you have just learned.

All in all, this has been a very informative series. Not only will I will be putting a number of these ideas into practice, but I will be sharing what I have learned with those I serve. If you are interested in leveraging Google+, I encourage you to check out this series. They are provided in bite-size chunks at a good price.

Other books in this series:


Hovnanian, S. (2014). Google+ Pro Tips: How to Bring Your Audience to Google+. Post Intent Media.

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