Book Review: Google+ Pro Tips: Managing Your Google+ Circles

Book Review: Google+ Pro Tips: Managing Your Google+ Circles

Strategies for managing your Google+ CirclesLast week, I downloaded a little book written by Stephan Hovnanian to my Kindle that focuses entirely on Google+ Circles. I have to say that I am very pleasantly pleased with the book. Even though I am quite familiar with Google+ and its Circles, I walked away with some new ideas that I plan to implement in the very near future..

This book is a quick read. I was able to complete it in about one and a half hours. Hovnanian spreads his insights about Google+ Circles across eight chapters.

  • Basic Circle concepts and strategies
  • Where to find people to add to your Circles
  • Must-have Circles for business
  • How to build “opt-in” Circles
  • Circle sharing
  • Home stream management techniques
  • Using Google+ Circles for customer relation management (CRM)
  • Third-party tools to help you manage your Circles

In this book, I learned about new strategies for managing my Circles. One new strategy is called the “ladder circle strategy.” It appears to be a good way to manage frequent posters versus lurkers for potential engagement. As I searched for this strategy, I also found it listed as “interaction ladder.” Basically, individuals are placed in circles based on the amount and type of interaction they have.

Hovnanian also provided other strategies for organizing Circles, for example, having some Circles for reading and others for posting. He also provided solid information for finding people to put in your circles. As I mentioned, I walked away with new ideas.

Hovnanian approaches his use of Google+ and Circles from the position of a businessman. This approach shapes the conversation in a very specific direction; however, even if this short book focuses only on this specific topic it has proven to be very useful. I really appreciate the narrow focus on only this topic.

Even if you are very familiar with Google + and Circles, I think you will benefit from the perspective provided by Hovnanian. When I get a free moment, I will be reorganizing my circles based on what I learned. Hovnanian is offering a series of short topics dealing with Google+, I have already downloaded them and will let you know what I think.

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