Book Review: Google+ Pro Tips – How to Get More Visibility on Google+

How to Get More Visibility on Google+Stephan Hovnanian has written a series of short books on how to leverage Google+. Google+ Pro Tips – How to Get More Visibility on Google+* is the second one that I am reporting on. The first was how to build and organize Google+ Circles.  This book focuses on how to get more visibility on Google+. Personally, the more I participate on Google+, the more I want to understand how to get the most out of it. Hovnanian looks at Google+ from a business perspective. In this book, he listed the factors that help you to become found on Google+.

As I noted, this is a very short book—easily read in an hour. Like the other books in this series, he focuses on specific aspect using Google+. In this case, he is providing ideas for being noticed. I believe he achieved his purpose.

His book has five chapters:

  • You Are Now a Television Channel
  • Your Google+Business Card
  • Posting Strategies
  • Commenting Strategies
  • Influencer Outreach

“When it comes to your Google+ page or profile, you are truly playing the role of producer” (Hovnanian, 2014, Chap. 1, Para. 3). He pointed out that we are in control what we present to others, if we present anything at all. We have our own “TV” channel, and we can help others promote their channel as they can help promote ours. To be successful, you must be active with quality programming material.

Perhaps one of the most important chapters of this book focused on creating a quality hovercard. Until reading this chapter, I was unaware of how much this hovercard was in play across the Google system. Hovnanian provides a list of where these hovercards appear. He also demonstrated that you can create different hovercards based on profile and pages you manage. He advocated leaving your hovercard everywhere.

Hovnanian recommended getting immediately involved with communities to begin increasing your visibility. “Think of communities like a Chamber of Commerce or networking event” (Hovnanian, 2014, Chap. 3, para. 7).  He also discussed presenting content as a list or series that can expand over time or summarizing content over a period of time. Regardless, he stressed to include others with +mentions. He provided an example of a posting calendar so that you can increase visibility without irritating others too much.

Hovnanian emphasized the importance of commenting in Google+. He provided guidance on commenting on posts and events as well as provided guidance for sharing content and asking questions. The more activity you have, the more your hovercard will be accessible.

The book concluded with a short to do list of 6 items. These tasks focus on getting involved in your communities as well as spreading your hovercard.

Google+ Pro Tips – How to Get More Visibility on Google+achieved its purpose. Hovnanian has an entertaining writing style that is informative and focuses on this message. If you are interested in being able to leverage Google+, I am confident you can benefit from what this author shares.

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Hovnanian, S. (2014). Google+ Pro Tips: Managing Your Google+ Circles. Post Intent Media.

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