Aurasma – A New Way to See the World at #acenetc

The very last presentation of ACE-NETC 2013 conference in Indianapolis, Indiana was from our very own University of Wyoming Extension team, Bernadette van der Vliet, graphic designer; Steve Miller, senior editor; and David Keto, media producer/director. This group of talented teammates presented on Aurasma, an augmented reality program.

Van der Vliet and Miller began the presentation by explaining what Aurasma was and how they were using it to advance University of Wyoming Extension publications. They talked about the differences between Auras and Super Auras. They also included this video clip, which was received like magic from the participants.

Keto followed up with a detailed how-to on creating Auras. He clearly walked through the steps using a Kansas State University logo. Upon completion, the participants were invited to test out the Auras weaved into the various magazines, postcards, and posters on display.

Bernadette and David
Bernadette and David helping others understand Aurasma

It was a great presentation and a nice way to end a great conference.