How to coordinate SendTo and cloud storage

The other day, I ran across an interesting article explaining how to add Skydrive to Send To menu. While I do not personally use SkyDrive… yet, I did see the value of this technique and tried it with my Dropbox and Google Drive. I was successful; here are my findings. (Note: this is a technique for PC computers).


First of all, what is sendto? When you right click on a file, you have an option called SendTo. SendTo allows you to send the file to any destination listed, for example:

  • Disk drives (local or network)
  • Fax printers
  • Printers
  • Windows-based programs
  • Compressed (zipped) folders
  • The desktop
  • Mail recipients
  • The My Documents folder
  • Any other program or folder assigned

This can be useful if you have multiple image processing programs on your computer, you can choose which program to open it with. If you have specific folder you regularly use to store files, you can create shortcuts in your SendTo menu. If you are using multiple printers, you can choose a printer without opening the file.

Procedures to create a SendTo menu item

1. Navigate to where you can see the the folder that you wish to use. Here are examples of common folder destinations:

  • Dropbox – C:\Users\<username>\Dropbox
  • Google Drive – C:\Users\<username>\Google Drive

In these cases, I would go to  C:\Users\<username>\

Right click on folder and select Copy.

2. Right click on the folder name and click on copy.

3. Click on the Start Menu button and enter Run in Search programs and files field.

Send To
Click on Start menu and enter Run in the search field.

4. Enter shell:sendto in the field provides and click on the OK button.

Enter shell:sendto in field provided.

5. Right click in the center file list, and select Paste shortcut.

Right click and select Paste as a Shortcut.

You now have a new item on you SendTo menu. To use it, simply right click on a file, select SendTo, and then choose your new menu item.

Right click on a file, select SendTo, and choose a destination.

It is important to note that if you create a shortcut to Dropbox or Google Drive, SendTo will place a copy of the file in the root level of the folder.

You could create SendTo menu items for different project folders, different applications, or to different printers. It is up to you to figure out how to use it.

If you think of a creative way to use this technique, please share it with me.