My Top 5 Podcasts of the Week

My Top 5 Podcasts of the WeekIn addition to reading books and blog posts, one of my favorite ways to get smarter is listening to podcasts. I will normally listen to podcasts while out for walks or while commuting to and from work. My listening tastes keep changing based on my needs. Presently, a number of the podcasts I listen to focus on productivity, social media, and some are for fun. While most of the podcasts are great, there are some podcast episodes that really resonate with me. I want to share those with you.

My Favorites of the Week

SPI 243: How to Create Your Life Vision Plan with Michael Hyatt

With the change from one year to another, it is time to look at goals, resolutions, and goal setting. In this episode, Pat Flynn talks to Michael Hyatt about how to set goals that you will actually achieve.

#142: 7 Bold Moves to Shake Up Your Business NOW

Amy Porterfield also capitalizes on the change of the year and challenges listeners to try something new—”make a bold move.” She shares 7 suggestions for shaking up your business and life. She also shares a great reading list for the year.

PB174: An Alternate New Year’s Resolution That Will Transform Your Blogging For 2017

Darren Rowse, an extremely successful blogger, takes a look at the new year and also talks about goals. However, he puts a twist on his challenge to listeners. Rather than create a goal that focuses on self-development, he wants us to develop goals that will help others become more successful. I really appreciated this sentiment. As I look around, far too many people are only concerned with themselves not realizing that helping others will also help advance their life objectives.

The 2017 Ultimate Pinterest Planner

Kate and Amanda discuss their Ultimate Pinterest Planner. What I found to be interesting was how they created a product that very easily kept their clients and fellow pinners on track. I will not only use their product for my pinning, but I will also take their concept and adapt it for the JCC faculty.

Live Video and Marketing: Where the Industry Is Heading

From everything I have been reading, you will continue to see an increase in the use of video across social media platforms. In this episode, Michael Stelzner elaborates on the video trend and in an interview with Brian Fanzo, they explain how you can capitalize on the use of video. Personally, I am intending to do more video this year.

My Listening List

Currently, I am listening to these podcasts:

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