Podcasts…Where Have You Been All My Life?

Podcasts… Where Have You Been All My Life?

Earlier this month, I wrote about finding some new podcasting tools, and I began to listen to podcasts. The experience has been great. I wondered what I have been missing all these years.

I started my podcasting adventures at work, and loaded a number of podcast feeds on a program called Clementine. I think the player is really good; however, I have a hard time focusing on both work and the podcast, so I miss a lot of good material.

In mid-June, I made a trip to Salt Lake City, and decided to load my phone with podcasts and listen to them on the six hour trip. I am now a podcast junkie; I am totally hooked. On the six-hour trip to SLC and the six-hour trip back, I listened to nothing but podcasts. Here is what I had loaded:

Sitting next to me during the trip was my Moleskine notebook* where I would scribble down a note here and there for further exploration.  The podcasts introduced me to a number of great ideas and tools. So far, I have incorporated a number of these ideas which I will expound on at another time.

Last week, I was again on the road, this time to Sheridan, Gillette, Sundance, and Casper. Again, the podcasts were my listening option of choice. Because of the positive experience, I cannot imagine traveling without podcasts.

Finally, I have changed my walking experience. Instead of listening to music as I go for my fitness walks, I am continuing to listen to podcasts. Podcasts are great while walking because I am not mentally tied up with other activities. With a notebook in my pocket, I can enjoy the day, enjoy the walk, and enjoy the discussion in my head.

Where do you listen to your podcasts?

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