My Phone Just Turned Purple and I’m Good With That

My Phone Just Turned Purple and I'm Good With ThatAt the end of last week while out on a walk, I received a notice that I had achieved an important milestone. My Nike+ app turned purple because I had completed 2,500 kilometers.

2,500 kilometers is equal to 1,553 miles, and more importantly, these are miles I put on my new hip.

Many posts ago, I talked about using my Nike+ application and how it keeps me motivated for walking. Well, it continues to do so. Every time I go out for a walk, I log in on my Nike+ app.

I no longer notice any of the achievements; they tend to be a blur. What I do keep track of is how many miles I walk each month, and if I can improve upon that.

Nike Plus

Well to get to the next major level, which is black, I have to walk approximately 1,500 more miles, which is around another 2,500 kilometers. I will give you an update when I get there.