Getting more out of

ClapboardThis morning Jerry Buchko and I had a wonderful session with Beth Raney from Penn State University talking about We discussed a number of topics including what was, why we should use it, and how we could leverage it more. I want to focus on how to leverage it more for Extension. Widget

One of the new tools Beth talked about was the widget. It was the first time I had heard about this new tool, and I was excited to learn more. Apparently, it is available for anyone to use. The widget allows Web sites the capability to display upcoming Webinars on specific topics. It is possible to filter the widget by tags. The Military Families Learning Network Webinars page shows an example of it in action.

Instructions for adding the widget are included on the widgets page.

If an educator wishes to display their Webinars, they need to use consistent tags to ensure they are displaying the Webinars they wish to list.

Giving Webinars a Second Life

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about curating and sharing Extension content, we can dust off static content by presenting it seasonally or topically. The Webinars listed in can be a great resource to curate and share. For example, if I was writing a post about Twitter, I could present a list of Webinars from different perspectives by tapping into this resources. This would be the result: provides a digital library of great content that others can use. Once again, we have great content available, we just need to talk about it more.

How are you using to move your program forward?