Understanding Google Calendars to stay on track

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar is a calendaring program. One to many calendars can be created, shared, and viewed from one location. Calendars can be combined and embedded in external Websites. Each calendar can display a daily, weekly, monthly, or agenda view. Individuals can subscribe to public or private calendars depending upon permissions.


● Can create calendars for personal, professional, or even resources.

● Can view individual calendars or overlay multiple calendars.

● Can share calendars publicly or privately..

● Can subscribe to calendars.

● Can embed calendars into Websites.

● Can have multiple event editors per calendar.

● With programs like IFTTT, can automate data entry into calendars.

How Google Scholar Applies to Extension

Google calendars can be efficient means to keep track of meetings, deadlines, events, and other time based objects. Teams can subscribe to and edit a common calendar. Calendars can be publicly displayed for others to view and subscribe to.

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