Understanding Google Scholar to Get the Information You Want

Understanding Google Scholar to Get the Information You Want

Google Scholar is a search engine that focuses specifically on research and can be localized to your research interests. Google has pulled together journal articles, patents, books, etc. into one dedicated search engine. With Google Scholar, you can conduct a search without including a majority of suspect Web articles.


  • Can create a library of articles based on articles you have already cited in a paper or articles that you have found and wish to reference in the future. The library entries can be organized into categories using tags.
  • Can view articles that have cited your published article.
  • Can identify yourself as a researcher on specific subjects. This information will appear in a Google Scholar search.
  • Can track number of citations for articles you have published.
  • With a MyUpdates feature, searchers are made aware of new research based on articles they have had published as well as their profile information.
  • With Alerts, researchers will be alerted by email when new research articles are published meeting their search queries.

How Google Scholar Applies to Extension

Perhaps the most beneficial way that Google Scholar can apply to Extension educators and specialists is that they can be alerted to new research as it develops. Additionally, they can track the success of their articles as others cite them.

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