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MicrophoneFor this blog post, I’m trying something just a little different. I recently read an article called Here’s How I Wrote This 1,000-Word Blog Post in 10 Minutes by Ginny Soskey. In that post, she describes how you could use Evernote on your telephone to dictate a message or note and then use it for a blog post, so I’m trying it out.

While working on this blog post have come to realize a couple things. First of all, you have to understand how to punctuate while you’re dictating. Another tip, which was provided in the article, is that you should keep your dictation to about 30 seconds at a shot. As advised, I am dictating one paragraph at a time.

For my experiences so far, this will take a little while to get used to. However, I think it’s a great way to at least get your initial thoughts down and then you can tweak it in editing. If you don’t have Evernote on your phone (I am using an Android phone), you can use a program like Dragon Dictation in order to capture your note.

Well this was just an experiment and it seemed to go quite well. I’ll probably try again.  In the meantime, I encourage you to try it and let me know how it works for you.

2 thoughts on “Dictating a blog post”

  1. In health care this has been around for sometime. The technology is finally catching up where machine accuracy is comparable to human transcription.

    If you don’t have a fairly structured idea ahead of time what you’re going to say it may come out a little more stream-of-consciousness than if written instead.

    Correcting the mis-recognitions in this brief reply took about the same time as composing the reply itself, using iPad keyboard speech recognition.

    1. I agree that this method of getting ideas on paper may be challenging at first, but with practice, it becomes easier. I just have to remember to include some punctuation.

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