A simply tool that can give a boost to productivity

PomodairoI have just started playing with a tool that has given me a boost to my productivity. This tool is called Pomodairo and it works in conjunction with the Pomodoro Technique.

In short, the tool is a timer set in 25 minute increments with 5 minute breaks between pomodori. With the tool, I set a task list for the day such as checking email, making a blog post, working on a journal article, or working on a presentation. While working on a task, for example, working on this blog post, I work solely on this task and ignore all other distractions such as email. Time management gurus recommend that you focus on one thing rather than multitask.

Since beginning to use this tool, I feel my productivity has significantly increased rather than jumping from task to task. Not only do I use this technique for work, but I have also used it at home while renovating a room. However, while working on the room, I use a simple cooking timer.

The Pomodairo program keeps a record of the number of pomodoris that you have completed. You can compare from week to week.

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