Learning how to capture your screen

Jeff Miller talks about screen capturing
Jeff Miller talks about screen capturing

Jeff Miller starts day four of the University of Wyoming Technology Bootcamp with a presentation on Video Production and screen capture.

Video production and screen capture have much in common in terms of their ability to engage students. What advantages do they present? Ho might they be used? What options are there for faculty who are interested?

Jeff started out his presentation talking about the history of video production for Outreach. Video production is about recorded of moving images; it can be called screen capture, web cam, streaming video, animation, etc. He showed off a quick video of a screencast showing how to embed a YouTube video into an eCompanion course shell.

Video resources can be found everywhere, and can be used in your courses.

Jeff shared a couple of great quotes talking about the importance of video in instruction. One of the the quotes was from 1941. Video is visual, it has narrative, portable, flexible, and conserve classroom time.

Jeff recommend keeping video short and modular so that you add and delete videos based on your needs. By flipping instruction, your presentations will be shorter and gives you more time in the classroom for interaction. Some things can be explained better with video. Videos can be enhanced with panning, zooming, and mark up. Great tool for showing a process, and emailing to a student.

With a Web cam, you can connect with your students, record the session, and share it back out. Lecture capture is another great idea for using video capture. Lesson feedback, students projects, and other possibilities are great use of video.

At one time, you needed others to help create a video. It is now easy enough to do yourself.

For the University of Wyoming, we have some WyoCast rooms to capture lectures. Students use lecture captures as a review, it is very useful for athletes who may miss class. You can also use a video recorder to capture your course.

It is possible to screen films through Swank at a cost.

Final word, video is easy and useful.