From the student perspective: Engagement in online elearning

Athena Kennedy and Cody Connor discuss student engagement from a student perspective.

A PhD student and an instructional designer present onb how to engage students in the online classroom. They’ll demonstrate free technology tools, including web and mobile apps, and share students’ perspectives about what truly engages them. They’ll also share how these free tools can be easily implemented into an online class and how they truly reach students.

Athena started the presentation with a high amount energy. Athena and Cody made great introductions.

Cody pointed out that there are a lot of strategies and technologies that will help engage students. Cody starts out by pointing out the research that focuses on student engagement. Students who are more engaged are more likely to learn and are more curious. It is important to engage students where they are… use technologies they use. Students may use mobile devices to fact check a presentation. Students like a passionate instructor.

Athena Kennedy runs a poll
Athena Kennedy runs a poll

Athena used a PollEverywhere poll to ask the group what engages students. The answers are fascinating. We know the answers.

Academic Social Networking

Most instructors are leary of social netwroking, but that is where the students are. Here are some tools Cody and Athena outlined:

  • Voice thread. Useful video shows an example of it in action.
  • Facebook. 99% of millenials have an account. How often do students check UW email compared to Facebook. Athena uses the computer to engage students by using Facebook or Twitter in the classroom.

Students check facebook 5.75 times a day, and average 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Cody Connor presents
Cody Connor presents

Cody is providing examples of courses which uses Facbook. He showed how inputs to a course shows to a Facebook wall.

Great questions about if this is just more work for students. Other questions if you can require students to join Facebook. Does this cause extra work for the instructor?

Mobile Engagement

Students carry their mobile device everywhere. These are great tools to engage students anytime and anywhere. Here are tools they are highlighting:

  • Goosechase. Used for scavenger hunts.
  • Facetime. Tool for video discussions. Alternate technology is Skype.
  • Poll Everywhere. A way to poll students. University of Wyoming has a site license for poll everywhere.

Athena gave great examples of putting together groups. She also talked about a mature learner and his experience with cell phones.

Cody talks about the benefits of Poll Everywhere compared to clickers.

Supplemental Engagement

Here are supplemental tools for supplemental engagement:

  • Voki. Speaking avatars.
  • Pod/Vod/Net Casting. Great example of Rachel Watson teaching using different methods. Enthusiasm is the key.
  • Jing. A screen capturing tool.

Cody talks about how a screencast is placed on YouTube and a link sent to students.

TedEd is a new resources… lessons worth sharing.

Use technology to engage students. Start out small, and slowly expand.

Great presentation.

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