Welcome to the University of Wyoming Technology Bootcamp

For the next five days, I will be blogging from the top floor of the University of Wyoming library while attending the 2012 Technology Bootcamp. This workshop can be followed on the Twitter hashtag #uwtbc2012. This workshop comes out of a partnership of the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning and the UW Outreach School.

The schedule is wrapped around five major themes: communication, information management, engagement, multimedia, and adult learning. Each day will have three to four sessions with two work/discussion sessions. I will be writing about each session, so stay tuned. Check out the schedule for more details.

Christi BoggsChristi Boggs is opening the session with thanks to all the organizers. This bootcamp was inspired by an instructor who wanted to come to Laramie to learn everything she needed to know. Christi explained that we are going to have you drink from a firehouse. We want your head to spin. We want you to select a couple of things and focus on those things for your instruction. We will be supporting the instructors throughout the coming months. We are here to learn about new ways to engage with students.

Meg Skinner points out that our overall goal is to help learners learn better. It is not simply a matter of adding technology to improve learning. Technology is a tool to be leverage with sound instructional principles. Teaching is about establishing relationship with others in the classrooms. It is important to step out of our comfort zone and step into the comfort zone of our learners. Meg showed the video clip, Medieval helpdesk.

Christi shows a video called A Vision of Students Today.

Through the introductions, we have gathered a fascinating group of instructors who want to improve their instruction. Interesting reasons why the faculty have come to this bootcamp. Good point brought out during introductions, just because you can use technology, does not mean you should. Lots of discussion about relationship building in education. Christi points out that the goal of this workshop is not about the technology but about using the right tool. You must be willing to try.

Great opening, more to come.