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Earlier today, I saw a post What My Blog’s Word Cloud Say About Me And My Writing written by Cecelia Lemos. In this post she describe attending a workshop given by David Dodgson where he challenged participants to create a wordle based on their blogs URL. Once completing the wordle, to follow-up with an analysis of the wordle. I thought this was a clever idea and here is my participation.


As I look at my wordle, the most prominent words are learning, knowledge, and Wlodkowski. This makes sense because the focus of this blog is about learning, learners, strategies for helping both, and ways for becoming smarter. I am interested in helping others learn and I have been sharing my observations about this topic as well as strategies for improving teaching and using technology to learn from. Wlodkowski is also prominently used. This also makes sense because I was writing about a book written by Wlodkowski that I am currently using as a student in class. This book focuses on learning.


The language I use is reflective of how I speak and write. The language is mature but not overly academic. There are a number of technical terms used, specifically, when referring to software programs. Interestingly, I tend to use the word “also” quite often.


To be honest, I really do not find any surprises in this Wordle. It tends to reflect what my focus has been so far. I am pleasantly surprised with the results, and the benefit of examining my writing through this exercise. Great idea!