Using Evernote to support farm and ranch operations

On Wednesday, I had the privilege to give a presentation at the Fremont County Farm and Ranch Days on the use of Evernote to support farm and ranch operations.

Evernote is a tool that I now use all the time to support my own work and life, and I believe it could be useful to farmers and ranchers as they manage their operations. In the presentation, I discussed how to set up Evernote and capture ideas. I gave them suggestions for organizing their ideas. Most importantly, we discussed ideas for using Evernote.

When getting ready to use Evernote, it is important to do the following once you have an account:

  • Add the Evernote client to all of your devices (computers, smartphones, iPads, etc). More…
  • Add the Evernote Web Clipper to all of your Web browsers.  More…
  • Tie your Evernote account to your Twitter account. More…
  • Get the Evernote e-mail address so you can send e-mail messages to your Evernote account. More…
  • Add the email address to all of your address books and devices.

With Evernote, you can capture ideas by typing in notes, dragging in images from your desktop or Web browser, creating audio or video notes, capturing all or part of a Web site, e-mailing them in, or sending in Tweets. Once you collect a note, you can organize them in notebooks as well as tag them. This makes searching for them a snap. A search will include tags, text, and even text in images.

Finally, we discussed a number of possibilities for using this tool to directly support farming and ranching operations. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Keeping notes on each animal from weights and birthdays to health issues.
  • Keeping notes on field operations, moving cows, irrigation, maintenance,  etc.
  • Tracking  information about equipment.
  • Capturing all information on a workshop or conference such as the Web sites, notes, pictures, contacts, etc.
  • Keeping photos of receipts for tax purposes.
  • Creating a photo inventory for insurance purposes.
  • Storing software application keys.
  • Collecting photos relevant to operations.
  • Much more

If you have additional ideas, I certainly would love to hear them.  If you are interested in the actual presentation, I encourage you to go to

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