My Top 5 Podcasts of the Week – 5 March 2017

My Top 5 Podcasts of the WeekI am a little behind in reporting my favorite podcast episodes. At the beginning of the period, there were no really good episodes coming out. However, I recently went on some long trips and I heard a number of great episodes. So, in this post, I will share what I discovered. Topics covered include living on $25k per year with no income, working solo and surviving, mind-mapping, writing better blog posts, moving your pins around seasonally, tweet chats, waking up early, and more.

My Favorites of the Week(s)

Why Mindmapping is Better than Outlining, Except When it Isn’t (TPS131)

I often use mind maps to flesh out a problem or outline a presentation. It was interesting to hear how Asian Efficiency used mind maps to be more productive. When I was at an Association for Talent Development conference, I watch a gentleman from the Netherlands outline a presentation with a mind mapping tool as it was being given. During the podcast, the shared a number of tools to use. Personally, I like using Freemind and MindMeister.

Mr. Money Mustache — Living Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year

What an interesting story. In this Tim Ferriss interview, Pete Adeney discussed his life as a retiree at the age of 30. In the interview, Adeney shared how he is living off the interest of what he was able to invest. He calculated the amount to be saved as 25X the amount you need to live on. If you wanted to live on $50k per year, you would need $1.25 million. In Adeney’s case, he is using less than $30k per year and thus needed to save approximately $700k. One point I really liked was how his son earned an allowance. His son earned $.10 for every mile ridden on his bike.

Tackling the Biggest Challenges of Being a Solo Entrepreneur with Robert Gerrish of FlyingSolo

In this ProBlogger episode, Darren Rowse talks with Robert Gerrish about working solo without going crazy. They talked about work environments, getting into the right mindset, working on professional development, and much more.  If you are in a solo business, definitely worth listening to.

How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman

In this episode, Tim Ferriss interviews Debbie Millman, a highly successful designer. She has designed for Pepsi, Gillette, Colgate, Nestlé, and Campbells. If you have seen Star Wars and Burger King ads and merchandise, you have seen her work. It was interesting to learn about her work and her struggles to success.

Techniques to Create Scannable Content for Your Blog

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger shares 19 tips for writing better blog posts. If you are a blogger, these are excellent tips.

Seasonality on Pinterest

In this SimplyPinMedia episode, Kate Ahl and Jillian Tohber Leslie talk about seasonally pinning on Pinterest. There are not only ideas for retailers but for all businesses. They talk about moving boards around, assessing content, and creating new content to fit each season.

#149: Your 90-Day Pre-Launch Blueprint

Amy Porterfield always shares some of the best content. This episode was no different. In this episode, she laid out a plan for launching a new product. Two lessons that jumped out at me include regularly communicate with your email list and do live videos. These are two lessons I am going to take to heart.

How to Build Influence and Credibility with Twitter Chats – @MadalynSklar

In this Agents of Change episode, Rich Brooks and Madalyn Sklar talk about tweet chats. Madalyn explains what tweet chats are, tools to use, and how to make them successful. I have participated in a number of different tweet chats and I really enjoy the fast pace, high information nature of them.

8 Strategies for Waking Up Early and Becoming a Morning Person (TPS130)

One of the things I really need to do is start my day earlier. I am not getting in a workout as I hoped I would during the latter part of the day. I had greatest intentions after reading The 5 A.M. Miracle. This Asian Efficiency discussion focused on on strategies for making the early morning the most productive part of the day.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorite episodes?