28 Jan 2017

My Top 5 Podcasts of the Week – 28 Jan 2017

My Top 5 Podcasts of the WeekThis was another great week for podcast listening. Tim Ferris provided an insightful year in review. I learned about some interesting aspects of real estate with John Lee Dumas and Whitney Nicely. Darren Rowse shared important tips for quoting others in your blog. The team from the Productivity Show discussed deep work and creating a productivity lifestyle. All quite enjoyable.

My Favorites of the Week

What I Learned in 2016 – Tim Ferriss

As Tim Ferris explained, he does not set New Year’s resolutions; instead, he will look at his past year through a series of questions. Each time I hear Tim and others talk about the 80/20 rule also known as Pareto principle, I try to figure out how to use it for what I do. Ferriss also stressed the important of systems. Systems are a daily conversation in my office. Closely related to systems is your calendar. As he notes, “If it is not on the calendar, it is not real.” One thing I have not worked into my life is daily journaling.  I see it emphasized in a number of locations. I need to rethink this.

1529: Build a cash flowing real estate portfolio in 12 weeks or less with Whitney Nicely

While I regularly listen to John Lee Dumas interview successful entrepreneurs, this particular interview stood out to me. In his interview with Whitney Nicely, they explored the topic of free and clear houses. I had never heard of free and clear houses, so I had to learn more. The interview contained additional ideas for generating money with real estate.

PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically

Darren Rowse, an extremely successful blogger, takes a look at using quotes in your blog posts. Quotes can be a great way to improve your content as well as your blogging reputation. As Darren Rowse noted, “Quoting someone else is a good way to add a little bit of credibility to your articles and to make them more interesting and informative to your readers as well.” Rowse also provided guidance for correctly attributing the work of another person. It is the right thing to do.

Productivity nerds! Where do you do your deep work? (TPS123)

Mike and Thanh explained that “Deep work is when you are devoting your entire attention to your most important task, and it’s something many people struggle with.” Based on previous discussions about deep work, I have started to block off time on my calendar to focus on projects. This podcast episode explores the idea of deep work and techniques for success.

The Next Evolution in Productivity is Lifestyle Productivity (TPS127)

In this episode, Mike and Thanh explore how to create a productivity lifestyle. Part of the discussion focused on tools and techniques for increased productivity. One tool they explored in depth was Amazon Echo. They gave a number of examples showing how to use Amazon Echo for increased productivity. Some of these examples tie into my favorite tools IFTTT and Zapier.