Looking for a Great Meal, Try Blue Apron

Looking for a Great Meal, Try Blue Apron

Looking for a Great Meal, Try Blue ApronBernadette and I were exploring dinner options. We were looking for meal ideas, and through a podcast, I had heard about Blue Apron. We decided to try it, and so far, we are really happy. We thought we would tell you about our experiences. 

Blue Apron is a subscription service through which we have recipes along with the ingredients sent to our house once a week. So far, we have had one delivery of three recipes and accompanying ingredients.

Our shipments arrive on Fridays, and we have the option to suspend or cancel shipments. Each shipment comes with fresh ingredients that are measured for each recipe so there is no waste.

According to Blue Apron, each shipment will come with unique recipes not to be repeated during the year. So far, we have had

  • Butternut Squash and Poblano Chili
  • Cacciatore-Style Baked Eggs
  • Apple and Blue Cheese Panzanella Salad

Each meal was very tasty; Blue Apron did not skimp on the spices. Recipes range from 500-700 calories.

Additionally, our package included a fact sheet. This fact sheet focused on mushrooms. The sheet presented information about different types of mushrooms, fun facts, and cooking techniques.

In terms of cost, it was between shopping at the grocery store and going out to dinner. The two-person plan costs $60 for 3 recipes. You can choose between meat or vegetarian recipes. There is also a family plan.

On their website, you can discuss the recipes with other Blue Apron members. Bernadette was able to get some preparation tips from the participants. The site also has a store to purchase kitchen tools, if you don’t have them. Additionally, there is a wine section where Blue Apron recommends a wine pairing with the recipe.

I am a fan! If you try this, let us know what you think.