Book Review: John Dewey and the Future of Community College Education

I was asked to write a book review on Cliff Harbour’s book, John Dewey and the Future of Community College Education* for the Journal of Transformative Leadership & Policy Studies. It was an honor and pleasure to do this review.

If you are interested in the history of the community college system and the impact recent policies have had on the system, then this book is for you. If you are interest in John Dewey and his impact on education, this book is also for you. Finally, if you are interested in how John Dewey’s teaching can help guide the community college system forward, then this book is definitely for you.

Across 192 pages and 11 chapters, Harbour focused on  on three topics: the contemporary community college, the community college of the future, and an introduction to John Dewey. He summarizes with a Framework for a Deweyan Normative Vision, where he lays out a path for community college leaders to follow in order to develop a system that truly helps community development through democratic practices.

I really enjoyed the book. It helped to shed light on my new surroundings as well as get another taste of Dewey’s teachings. If you enjoy learning about education, you will definitely enjoy this book.

For more information, please read my full review and his book*.

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